I think the best way to put my current situation is that writing used to be my stress reliever. It was the way I stopped myself from being sad or upset and now it’s not. I feel a lot happier than I did while  I was writing and I have new ways to make myself happy so writing just isn’t as necessary to me as it used to be. 

That being said I still love it. I love writing but I don’t love writing fan fiction.

So I think I’m gonna start a new blog just for my writing and upload stuff there. I might start working on a book/short story so if I do what I’ll do is make one “real” version and one “fan fic” version.

So basically, I’m gonna start writing, there will be stuff on this blog and stuff on the one I’ll start so get your bodies ready

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You broke my heart. I just read 'Flowers' and it broke my heart. I'm gonna go cry my eyes out now. I hate and love you for doing this to me !


Lol, I forgot this was in the ask box sorry

#RealTalk I don’t even like flowers that much but your guy’s reactions to it really is the reason why I breathe

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Vomiting My Thoughts

(Something I have planned to put in that one fan fic)

Ed’s POV

The thing I had realized about Eleanor was that she was different.

And not that “I drink tea and listen to old bands” kind of different.  She was more complex than that. She could be a combination of different personalities and traits. She was new puzzle everyday, just waiting for someone to solve.

As she exposed more and more of her personality and her life I just became more and more interested in her. I wanted to know everything, I wanted to experience ever part she had to offer.

I wanted to memorize the way the she looked when she was daydreaming. I wanted to know how she looked as she fell asleep. I wanted to know things that only the closest of friends would know.

I wanted her.

I wanted her so badly.

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I don’t know if I’ll ever pick up writing again tbh…..

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i sent in another ask, isis answered it, that's why you don't understood, i guess xD

Lol, I understand what this means

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I got my laptop out and it’s time to fucking write

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it was just an ideia that i had, i'm not sure i'll be able to make it. i'll link you, and i'll credit you if i do it :D hope i have news someday not that far!


I don’t know what this means

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RealTalk, I’m thinking about doing a preference based on Ed’s song One and then after that I’m gonna do the next chapter for Perfect…..

I’m really excited about perfect btw, it’s gonna start out slow but it’ll pick up fast I promise

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K, I’m gonna go write something serious now

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paulainoldham replied to your post: I wanna FUCK puppet Ed Xx Oli

One shot? Lol!

His soft, cotton hands trailed down your body making you moan invulnerably. 

"Puppet Ed" you moan sensually "I need u, darling"

Puppet Ed moves his hands to your soft, round, slightly uneven, boobies but he can’t squishy-squish them because ya know, puppet hands.

Oh-Oh-Oh-Ooh-Oh” you moan “Puppet Ed stop teasing, put your dinggly-do in my hoopsie-wa”

He obeys your command and whips out his massive pocket rocket, and slips it inside you.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?” Mupp-Ed whispers your ear. You simply nod to express that yes, you could feel his puppet meat missile.

"Sing" He commands.

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh [x2]”





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