#84 Grammy loss


I stumble up the steps of Y/N and I’s shared house. I fumble around my pockets for my keys and I finally pull them from my pocket. I move clumsily and turn the keys and push through the door. I try to close the door quietly but I end up slamming it shut. I jump and look around. I think she’s asleep upstairs. She probably watched the Grammy’s for my performance, but I didn’t expect her to wait up for me.

I make my way into the kitchen to get some water. I had made this mistake before but I always vowed never to do it again. I drank too much sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. I maneuver my way into the kitchen and I see her sitting on the counter with a bowl of ice cream. She looks up at me from her book in her hand and a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. She smiles widely and hops off the counter. Her arms reach up and wrap around my neck. She pulls me down to her level and squeezes me tightly.

“I’m so proud of you baby.” She whispers kissing my cheek, my nose, my mouth. I moan quietly, too quiet for her to hear when she kisses my lips. It becomes apparent then to me that I want her- no I need her. And I need her now.

I growl softly and move my hands to rest of her hips. I squeeze lightly and lift the thin material to move my thumbs over her hips. She pushes her hips into my hands and I grin. I move my lips back to hers and kiss her roughly. Our lips mold together perfectly as she fights to overpower me. But even when I’m drunk I wouldn’t give her that kind of power. I move my hands down her little short shorts she loves to sleep in and I quickly come to realize she’s going panty less. I growl into her mouth and she’s bucks her hips into my hand. I skim her wet slit and pinch her clit. She gasps and grasps my suit tightly. She grabs my tie and tugs me down to her stomach. I trail wet kisses along the sliver of skin just below her shirt.

I pick her up before she realizes what’s happening and place her onto the counter. I tug her shorts off and move my head down between her legs. I kiss along her inner thigh just teasing her before actually moving my mouth to her clit. But only for a few seconds. My tongue licks a circle around her little bundle of nerves and her moans are soft and pleading.

I pull back and stand to undress myself. I’m undressed faster than I ever have undressed before. I stand back with my cock in my hand, stroking it softly while I look at her. Wet and glistening in front of me. She looks at me and down at my cock in my hand and I tilt her chin up to me.

“Touch yourself.” I demand quietly. She looks shocked for a moment before she does as she’s told. Her hand slowly travels down the valley of her breasts to her stomach. She traces soft lines against her skin, now teasing herself. I watch her hand make its way to her pussy and she moves her hand to rub her clit. She rubs her clit fast and her head tilts back and rests on the cabinets behind her.

“Fuck yourself baby. I want to see your fingers fucking yourself for me.”

I watch as she does so and I lean back against the kitchen island and groan. My cock is hard in my hands. I’m stroking my dick quickly and I see her watching me. Watching my hands move on my cock she whimpers. I look up at her still stroking myself and she whimpers again.

“Tell me what you want babe. What do you want us to do. What you want me to do to you.”

She nods quickly still flicking her clit with her fingers. “Fuck… fuck me. Fuck me please.” She pants and her back arches again and I can tell she’s close. I quickly move her hand away from her clit and guide myself to her entrance. I look into her eyes and she nods quickly. I slam into her and I hear are her moans filling my ears as I slam my cock into her. I try to hold her hips steady so I can control her but she’s bucking her hips every chance she gets. I grow tired of that quickly and pull out of her and grab her from the counter. I turn her around so her back is facing me and push her lying face down onto the island. She squeals and tries to turn her head to look back at me. I slap her ass once and she yelps and her legs kick up. I push them back down and slap her ass again.

“Count the slaps. You get ten my naughty girl. I let my playfulness edge out of my voice so she knows I won’t really hurt her.  She nods and plays along. I bring my hand up and slap her ass.

“One.” Her voice doesn’t waver but she speaks it slowly, making sure to get the word out correctly. I slap her again and she continues counting I reach six slaps and slap her quickly three times. She doesn’t have time to react and I hear her moaning quietly.

“You little slut. You like this don’t you?” She nods her head and I slap her ass once more before going to feel her slit. If it’s possible she’s even wetter than before. Her pussy was dripping with lust and I was nearly here too. I guide my cock to her entrance and slid it up and down a few times to tease her. She moans loudly and I push into her slowly, making her feel me in my entirety.

I move my hips and a slow steady pace until I can feel her tightening around me. I speed up my thrusts and grab her hips roughly. I’m fucking her relentlessly. I have no mercy for her. I need her to feel this long after I finish. I slap her ass again while  thrust and she yelps grabbing onto the counter for dear life.

“This, is for, the Grammy, I didn’t, fucking, win.” I slap her ass with each word I say. She moans and lays her head down letting me completely take control of her. I feel my balls tighten and I shoot my load into her needy pussy. I pull out and yank her off the kitchen island and onto her knees. I stoke my cock in front of her face and tell her to open her mouth. She does as she’s told and I slap her face with my cock before stroking myself until I cum all over her face. My cum lands on her cheek and mouth and chest and we’re both panting when I finish. I sink down to my knees and she crawls over to me and scoots herself under my arm. I kiss her forehead-the one place on her face free of cum- and grab a dishtowel  from beside me. She wipes her face and lays her head on my shoulder and I squeeze her shoulder letting her know she’s safe.

I move to kiss her cheek lazily and then below her ear, not as a sign of lust but of affection.

“Bed now?” I ask gently and she nods. We stand slowly not bothering to pick up our discarded clothes. We walk up the stairs slowly and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Isis xx

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