#87 Teenage Dream~ You hit Ed in the balls

Ed leaps into the air, catching the soccer ball that Louis just sent flying towards him. He grabbed the soccer ball with both hands and fell to the ground, quickly gaining his balance and punting the soccer ball to the other side of the field.

"Take that Louis!" Ed yelled happily as he jogged back to his place in the goal.

You run down the field towards the soccer ball, beating Liam to it.

"HA!" You yell as you quickly turn around and head back towards the goal Ed was guarding.

"GO Y/N!!" Harry yells as you sprint down the field. You make quick moves avoiding the boys who try to stop you, then lock eye’s with Ed.

He crouches down, bending his knees and preparing to propel himself into the air.

You give the soccer ball a powerful kick and watch as it soars through the air and hits Ed right in the balls.

Ed let out a pained yelp and fell to the ground groaning. The boys burst out into uncontrollable laughter and you let out a few giggles before jogging over to Ed.

"Ed? Baby? Are you ok?" You try to sound worried but end up laughing throughout the entire sentence.

"That fucking hurt." Ed groaned again. You giggle and try to help him up when you notice the soccer ball laying next to you. You leave your position next to Ed and walk over to the ball.

"Hey Ed." You cal and he turn in looks to you. You give the ball a small kick and it rolls into the goal. "I scored a goal."

"Oh, I’m gonna get you for that Y/N." Ed pulls himself to his feet and grabs the ball out of the goal, rolling it to Liam. "Game on!" He yells grinning wickedly.

Xx Oli

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