#97 You go to the beach

You hold you shoes in your hand as you make your way across the hot sand. Your two sons, Damien and James, ran ahead of you and Ed was by your side carrying your daughter, Mollie, so she wouldn’t have to feel the heat of the sand.

"Mom, Mom!" Damien yells from the shore. "Can we go swimming!"

"Watch your brother!" You yell back as the two boys go splashing into the water.

"You wanna go swimming too, Mollie?"Ed asks readjusting the small child on his hip. She giggled and nodded, staring at the water.

You and Ed quickly lay down the beach towels and set up an large umbrella to cover them, then each take one of Mollies hands and lead her out to the water.

Damien and James had waded out deep into the water and were playing with the large waves that crashed down over them. You, Ed, and Mollie make your way to the shore of the water and let your feet be caught by the small waves.

"COLD!" Mollie yells and motions for Ed to pick her back up. Ed laughs and scoops her into his arms.

"You didn’t like the water?" He asks chuckling at his daughter. She shakes her head no and snuggles against his body. "We’ll try again later." Ed says and uses his free hand to hold yours.

You smile and kiss Mollie and Ed’s cheeks lightly. You could never ask for a more perfect family.

Xx Oli

A/N DAMN IT! now I want Ed to have a daughter named Mollie…..

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