#120 Your relationship is falling apart

You sit in a small coffee shop on the campus of the college you attend waiting for your boyfriend, Ed, to meet you there. You stir your coffee uncomfortable dreading the conversation you knew you two would have, your relationship was falling apart and it need to end. 

As you were calling up Ed yesterday to plan the date you realized you couldn’t even remember the last date you had with Ed, or even the last time you two had a conversation. He was busy with touring and his music, you were busy with school, the relationship you had couldn’t even be considered dating anymore. He had been on tour for the past couple months, the biggest tour he had ever been on, and this was his first day back in the UK. During those months the two of you drifted further and further apart, to the point of you felt like he was stranger.

You’re taken out of your thoughts as Ed walks into the coffee shop and rushed towards you, pulling you into huge hug.

“Oh God Y/N, you don’t even know how much I missed you.” He whispered softly as he held you tightly against him. 

“I missed you too Ed.” You say nuzzling his neck. The two of you pull out of the hug and you sit down and Ed slips into the chair across the table from you.

“You should have seen some of the venues I played at, the tour was absolutely amazing!” Ed said happily “but I can tell you about that later, how’s school going?”

“It’s fine Ed, but I need to tell you something first.” You say shyly. Your heart was beating so rapidly you felt like it would burst.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Ed asked worriedly.

“I….I can’t do this anymore!”

“Do what?”

“This relationship! It’s hurting us more than anything else, we can’t ever see each other, we barely have time to talk, we’re breaking and I think we should end it before we’re broken.”

Ed stared at you blanked face trying to comprehend what you said “You think we should break up?”

“I think we should fix our friendship before we start a relationship again.”

Ed nodded and stood up to leave but quickly pulled you into a tight hug. “I never stop loving you Y/N. Even though we stopped talking and we never saw each other, I never stopped. And I never will” He released and slid back into his seat, and smile brightly at you “So, lets fix this broken couple.”

Xx Oli 

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